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by - Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I've recently became more confident of myself. Like.. I no longer find the need to head out of the house with make up on, or deliberately dress up to go out and get food just because I'm afraid someone would recognise me. Neither do I edit my pictures anymore.. You know, those minor touch up, where I liquify here and there just to look skinnier? Yea, I'm not doing those stuff anymore. I pretty much forgot how Photoshop works and simply edit my pictures using phone's VSCO these days.

Well..... I guess I like that. Life feels much more simple and free now. I no longer pursue perfection, or stress myself out because I am not good enough. Not exactly a good thing, because I wouldn't strive to improve if I continue to remain in this comfort zone.

Whatever it is, I'm staying where I am for now.

Side note:

Elein did MUCOTA ABC Treatment the other day for me @ Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry.
Hair's looking all smooth now with my ombre looking more vibrant. Got slightly drenched in the rain, hence the frizz. Hate how unpredictable the weather is these days.

Anyway, pamper yourself with a MUCOTA Hair Treatment + Haircut @ only S$58 now with Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry. You can book an appointment through this application called "Booksky". Simply search "Headlines Hairdress by Artistry" on the apps, and then follow the instructions!

Don't forget to quote "VIVIANTIAN" before checkout to enjoy 10% ~ 30% discount for other services. :)

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