Pocket MapleStory: Earning fast mesos!

by - Monday, April 04, 2016

We all know how it can be a pain in the ass being a low level with no money. Especially when you are an absolute beginner, and keeps dying. This is the thing about Pocket MapleStory, (the one you play on your smart gadgets); every time you die, you throw away 10% of your EXP, along with your mesos.

It is super annoying, not even kidding. And the fact that I chose the Dual Blade for my starter is not helping. Not only do Dual Blades die fast, they also lose money very fast. Reason being, they are a 1-to-1 combat job, they are unable to farm fast in auto combat mode, and their def is low asf if you are going for the normal build.


Mesos is extremely important, since Dual Blades has got to buy a ton of potions to train, unlike other jobs who can farm without worry.
And here's how you do it.

I did a quick search online, and realize many people have different ways of doing this. The method that I am going to share with you guys today is the most efficient way I discovered after going through a lot trial-and-errors.

 1 Create a new Angelic Buster and farm Dim Spirit Stones 

Do not belittle these spirit stones. They are a bunch of gems waiting to be crafted into diamonds. I'm just kidding.
These Dim Spirit Stones will be your main source of income. Instead of diamonds, they can be crafted into Lv. 1 items through the Crafting Merchant.

Why Angelic Buster though?

Angelic Busters are better farmers as compared to other jobs. Their AOE attack helps you to farm at a faster and more efficient rate because of their range and rapid attacks.

Make sure you create the character on the same account as your main. The entire account shares the same bank, so whatever mesos you earn on any of the character in your account, will be shared among the rest of the other characters on the same account.

 2 Get a profession(Weapon, Accessories recommended) from the crafting merchant. 

Here is where you will be turning those Dim Spirit Stones into items that you can fuse and sell.
Upon getting your profession, go to the shop and purchase the first recipe.

Don't bother with other recipes. The first recipe only requires 2 Dim Spirit Stone(DSS) to craft, whereas the other recipes requires more DSS to craft. Use the lowest level one, so you can get more equipment out of it for fusing afterwards!

Craft as many Lv. 1 Ring of Silver Wing as your inventory can contain, and head over to Fuse.

You can fuse up to 10 items in one go, but here we are using only 2 Silver Wing Rings.
2 is enough to give you equipments up to Lv. 150!

Fusing will never fail. The worst you can go is getting back another Lv. 1 equipment. If you do, just fuse it away again, and get better equipments!

Off topic: Fusing can also help you acquire rare items. It is equivalent to Gacha/Capsules, but fusing has higher chance of getting items with extra stats as compared to Gacha/Capsule.
There are also chances of getting Purple(Rare) equipments through fusing!

After which, just head over to the Equipment Merchant and sell away all these equipments!
Repeat these steps, and there you have it!

I get an average of 13k mesos every time I sell away the items I fused. With every 1500 rings I craft, I can get up to 800k in total. But I'd have to say it all depends on your luck in getting high level equipments to sell.
Alrighty, good luck farming, you all!

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