Klenspop: ELLEN Panda PM 14 Violet

by - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hello! It's been a while since I last did a lens review. I haven't been wearing lenses much because I had too much work on hand that requires designing, thus relying on my glasses more. So today, I have with me the ELLEN Panda PM 14 Violet from Klenspop. Just gonna do a really quick and simple review because this lens is pretty much the same as every other Klenspop lenses I received!

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Pardon the low quality photos though. Didn't have a ring light back then, hahahaha.

I really love this pair of purple lenses from Klenspop. The ring isn't too thick, so it doesn't give off a glass eye feeling. Good for everyday natural look! I don't like it when the outer ring of the lenses is really thick. It limits the kind of look I can go for because usually thick rimmed lenses are used for big-eye effect. So you have to dress kawaii otherwise you will look pretty weird.

Adding on, the sheer design also blends in perfectly with my brown eyes. It helped make the lenses look much more natural than the other purple lens I had. But because it is quite sheer, if you are looking for obvious purple, this may not be the ideal choice. To be honest, I haven't really came across a pair of purple lens that really stands out. Hahahah will inform you guys if I ever receive one!

Something that I've always have faith in with Klenspop lenses is that they are really, really comfortable. The lenses doesn't dry out after long period of usage, neither does it sting your eyes when you stay too long inside an air-conditioned room.

I usually go for 13.8mm lenses(13.4mm design) because my eyes isn't exactly big... If I get anything more than 15mm, I'll look VERY WEIRD. Thankfully this pair of ELLEN lenses is only 14mm(13.7mm design). It fits just right, hahaha.

Looking normal here....

Klenspop lenses also comes with a bonus lens case for you with each pair purchased. So you don't have to worry about lens cases! The delivery is really fast as well, and the lenses are stored in a box wrapped with bubble wrap and then placed into the delivery parcel. Guaranteed safe delivery, and zero breakage. I mean... It's been a year since I started working with them, and my parcels have always arrived on time in good condition. That's quite a reputation to uphold!

The ELLEN Panda Series is on Special Sale right now at only $7.00(U.P $18.00). There are also many other lenses for you to chose from in the sales section, don't forget to check them out! :)

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