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by - Saturday, April 04, 2015

Had a quick food tasting session @ AONE Claypot House a couple of weeks back! It was a pity because I wasn't feeling too well, I didn't have much appetite to eat even though the food were really good. And not forgetting their barley..... Nhmmm..... Got myself 2 glasses of that hahahahhaha! And.... A lot, a lot of braised peanuts..... Hehe.

Before I get started with all the food photos and reviews....... Like what the PRs always do, a short introduction of AONE Claypot House! I like listening to all these talks some times. I think it is interesting to listen to how people come about in opening their own restaurants and stuff, you know, their success stories! Hahaha, keeps me inspired. But then considering my character, the inspiration doesn't really last long inside my brain... I get demotivated too easily, lol.


At AONE Claypot House, they aim to provide the most homely service ever, so you could dine in comfortably like you are at home. Even their dishes, they are your usual family home-cooked food that people love. People tend to find comfort in the food that is the most familiar to us, thus, at AONE Claypot House, they want to share the love of grandma's cooking with everyone!

They also believe, food is best when served hot. Thus, they use claypots to contain their dishes, so the temperature will always be retained. You can ensure your porridge to be warm even after chatting for hours at the restaurant!

AONE was established back in the 2008 with over 30 stalls across major food courts in Singapore. In 2012, AONE opened their very first full-scale dine in restaurant at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Since then, they have over 9 restaurants opened locally! They plan to have over 20 outlets in Singapore, so keep a look out for this homely dining restaurant nearby you soon!

As I have mentioned, I didn't really have appetite that day, so I actually missed out a couple of dishes. I did eat the famous few tho, hahahha!!

Their signature Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced meat and Assorted Eggs(Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg)!
My personal favourite because it is really simple and filling! I have to admit that this is not my first time dining at AONE, hahaha. I've actually been there a couple of times before, and this is one of the must-have dish I always order!

It is not too salty or too blend. Because of all the eggs, the taste really balances out well. Nothing too overpowering or too underwhelm!

Their other signature dish, they call it the Four Heavenly Kings (Assorted Vegetable in Sambal Sauce), hahahha!

Why 4 heavenly kings? Because they have the 4 most popular veg we always eat!
Ladyfinger, brinjal(Eggplant), long beans and french bean.
It is stir fried with minced meat in sambal sauce, but don't worry, not spicy at all. Just mild, mild spice......
Anything with ladyfinger and brinjal is good, ok.

Just the bloggers doing their usual thing, lol.

Fish Maw stuffed with Minced Meat in Fish Roe Sauce. This taste like steamed siewmai with egg white sauce that tastes like shark fin soup, 8D Like literally. But then there is no shark fin lah, hahahahaha.

HERE IS MY FAVOURITE. Need I highlight again, anything with BRINJAL IS GOOD????

Salted Egg Deep fried Brinjal with Pork Floss

The brinjal literally melts in your mouth. Just one bite and it meltttttssss. Then it blends with the salted egg crispy coating, ohmygod, the taste just explodes in your mouth.......
Salted Egg + Brinjal = Heaven.

Chinese call this the Furong Dan. I also don't know why is it called Furong, hahahaha. It's angmoh name is Pork Floss "Chai Po"(Turnip) Omelette! Usually this kind of omelette has a little bit of sweet taste to it due to the chai po.

Personally not a fan, but my mom loves this! Because she loves chai po, haha. Okay lah, I did spam the pork floss tho. Hehehe

Fish Maw Soup!!

If you are a fan of Fish Maw, this is a must-try!!! I think this is the dish that made me sooooo full, I cannot mouth anymore food. I had quite a bit of this. Okay, an add-on, anything with fish maw is good too. LOL.

*Tears of Joy* They are all my favourite food, how can I not love AONE Claypot House?

I swear, they really have all my favourite food.
If I remember correctly, this is Fried Chicken dripped with Salted Egg Curry sauce.

A pity the serving is too small for a table of 7 people. THIS WAS SO GOOD, PLEASE.
It is not spicy at all, just a slight taste of curry. And you can also taste the saltiness of the salted egg. I could have this everyday....

Ah. The dish that I didn't get to try because I was at my limit. My stomach is like filled all the way to my gullet. Anymore, and I will blehhhhhhzxc. Looks good anyway. I heard the rest of the bloggers really like this! A pity I didn't get to try, haha.

Keep a look out for these few dishes at the nearest AONE Claypot House in your area! You wouldn't want to miss this, to be honest.

You can also 'LIKE' them on Facebook for more updates on their dishes and restaurants! Now, now, it's Saturday, why not bring your family out for a good dinner tonight?

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