LASALLE Open House

by - Sunday, January 18, 2015

The hectic weekend is finally over!!! It ended early for me because work is cancelled today. I was supposed to be a photography assistant but the photographer is on leave hahaha. Not sure to be happy or sad. After helping out with Open House for the past 2 days, I ended up so sick I lost my voice. It's good work is cancelled... I can rest at home. But then again, there goes my first income of the month. Ah well....

I've always loved helping out for Open House! Because I can meet new people, and it is also a chance for me to reunited with friends from other courses. We all got separated after going into Year 2. The first year is foundation year, where people from all sorts of courses get together to learn all the basics. Afterwhich, we would chose our desired course and proceed on from there.

Tbh, my school isn't exactly huge. But our schedules are so packed, we are stuck in our classroom half the time. We don't even get to see each other much anymore. :(

Thank goodness there's Open House. An official no-classes day where we can get together and party during the event! #Somuchlove

These two lovely girls are the reason why I still go to school. Hehe

Does your nose bridge grow longer as you grow older? Weeeeeeirddd.

Another 2 really awesome and funny dudes! Muz and Az!

Ayuyu 8D

1/4 class photo. Hahahhaa, me not included tho. I was the photographer T.T

Blue tongueteers, XD




Actually... Not really. Hahahhaha

3 cuties hehehehe.

Got our photos printed at the Photo Booth too!


Buddies. Me. Balloon. Building.

Happy Sunday!

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