The wedding banquet "5" no-no's

by - Sunday, November 30, 2014

Okay so I am back from the wedding dinner. I swear this is the worse wedding dinner I've ever attended. I didn't really want to talk about this, but on a second thought, a lot of my friends are getting married in the coming years and I feel they should take note about some stuff from my experience tonight.

1. Keep your videos short and sweet. And keep it minimal.

You know newly weds always have this problem. They want to show the guests their process of meeting each other, and then getting together, and adding in a little bit of the cliche childhood growing up stuff. To be honest, most guests are not interested in knowing how you were like when you were young!! Unless you are marrying your childhood sweetheart, I guess that's necessary.

Also, keep it short and sweet! A quick video not more than 5 minutes, I guess that's pretty reasonable. Don't montage such a long video that takes up 10 ~ 15 minutes of the entire wedding! Just watching the video, waiting for the bride and groom to walk in takes up to 30 minutes(?!) I think that is way too long...... Wait until hungry leh.

And the worse mistake you can ever make is cueing a video once every 3 dish. So you have one at the opening, one in the middle, one more close to the end. Seriously?! Do you know that if you insert so many videos in between, with other segment you had arranged, you will only end up delaying the banquet? And delaying the banquet will only cause the waiter/waitresses to stress because they will have to rush the guests by clearing plates really quickly. Then what's the point of a wedding dinner anymore?

So too many videos is definitely a no-no!!

2. Get a proper emcee.

You wouldn't want to get someone who talks rubbish half the time right? You need someone who can entertain, and make the guests happy. And not someone who says all the inappropriate stuff at a wedding! How would you like it if your emcee says something like, "Watch how much you drink, don't end up wasted like the other time with that guy!" Wtf babe, are you trying to pick a fight?!

3. Chose the right people to handle reception.

The main point of the receptionist is to guide your guests to the right place, right seats. What's the point of you getting people who does nothing but sit there and use their phone? Then you make your guests stranded outside the ballroom. What if there's 3 wedding banquet going on at the same location? Trust me, it happens. And it actually happened.
Ugh, that's just bad hospitality!

4. Manage your sound/video crew.

I'm not saying you should invest hundreds and thousands to get DJs like Dash Berlin or Skrillex. Actually that kind of genre is pretty bad for a wedding to be honest. You will have all your relatives there, your uncles, grand uncles, distant relatives from god knows where, you really wouldn't want to turn the entire ballroom into a club ya....

Get someone who can handle the volume. Really really basic. Just, you know, just.... The volume. Someone who can press play, and next track. Someone who knows how to adjust the freaking volume! Don't blast music when the emcees are talking. Don't blast the volume of the music video you created! Don't blast it when people are doing the 3 yumsengs! Are you trying to deafen your entire crowd?!

One more thing to take note. Something really important and frankly speaking, I will not scrimp on this. Sometimes you are sitting so far from the stage, you really can't see what's going on. So investing in a good video crew who can feed some decent LIVE footage is extremely important! Please, please, please... Don't use CCTV as a LIVE screening camera. That is just bad. In fact, HORRENDOUS. Not only the audience can't see anything on screen because it is over exposed, all the footage will be in freaking bird's eye view. Actually that may be cool.... But if you really have to... I'll suggest a drone.

5. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged.

Oh c'mon, do I really have to mention this? Do you know how awkward it is to have your laptop suddenly shut while you are screening your beautiful wedding photos/videos on the projector? It's even more awkward to have that "Battery is running low" prompt coming out across the screen half way through. *facepalm*

Please.. Charge your gadgets!

I believe there are much much more details to take note of when it comes to planning a wedding. I know how hard and tedious it can get, but you will still have to set your priorities right. Don't focus too much on your yum-sengs or getting around taking photos. 10 years down the road, you probably won't look at those group photos anymore. What's more awkward? Looking at those group photos and not knowing who those people are.

Spare those efforts spent on live entertaining to the set-up of the wedding. You'd be surprised how many people would appreciate a simple, non-showy wedding banquet.... than those where you have grooms running around trying to get all his brothers drunk, and bride going around for selfies.

I don't know, it's probably just me. Everyone have their own dream wedding. But it's your big day, make it worth. Make yourself the royal.

We'll never be royalllllllll, it don't run in our blood~~~~ HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA KIDDING, ok bye.

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