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Cuddles Cat Cafe is literally filled with catswag.

The first cat cafe I visited back in April was pure disappointment! That cafe didn't allow us to carry the kitties when they are roaming around, and it is extremely expensive, plus they chase people out when the time is up unless you extend your timing. And the main highlight? They were sleeping half the time, and the staff told us that we are not allowed to disturb their sleep(Don't pat them when they are asleep in case you wake them up. Most people didn't care anyway.)

I had to make reservation in advance. And have staff rushing me to reach on time(Not forgetting to chase us away on time as well), ugh.
Back then I thought maybe it was to help keep the kitties safe and healthy. Also to prevent patrons from handling the cats the wrong way, which I saw earlier at Cuddles... So they are really strict about it. But after visiting Cuddles, I realise there are so many ways to keep your customers happy without having to be so rude.

To get that kind of treatment, to be honest, I was pretty dang unhappy about it. The place was so small, and they have way too many cats in the space. It was so crowded and squeezy, there's barely space for humans to move if we were to be careful of passing feline every time. It's plain stupid. Expensively stupid. *facepalm*

Alright enough of that cafe. I mentioned I will never revisit anyway lol.

Cuddles was a total different experience. One thing about it is that the space was so much bigger. The kitties had so much more space to move around, and they were much more active!! Of course you have some sleeping kitties, as usual. But most of them were actively moving around so you can pat them if you want to. Except for a really sad fact which I don't wish to admit......

Most cats at Cuddles were petrified.

They were okay initially before the crowd came in. But things got worse after this two girls entered the cafe.

Those girls were running around trying to grab cats and take photos and they get really really violent when the cats struggle!! Just because they wanted to get a nice shot of them carrying the cats, wtf. When the cats try to run away, they would grab them back with force. So they can switch, and the other girl takes a photo with it. Lucky enough, the staff managed to stop them and gave them warnings.

I swear it was just disgusting. Poor Scottish Fold looked soooooooo petrified, it shunned human contact for a while after that.

Look at how scared he look!!!! Stupid women, ugh.

After dear adorable Scottish Fold went to his usual spot to take a quick escape, they target another kitty. Good lord, I think these girls should just die. It was total animal cruelty seriously. They were squeezing the cat by the neck while trying to keep it from escaping. PLAIN DISGUSTING. I wish I could squeeze them by the neck and pull them by the ankle when they leave the cafe so they know how it feels to be manhandled. !@#$!@#$

Anyway. We stayed there for 2 hours, and we had our dinner there as well. Cuddles actually allows you to have your meals inside the cafe. They have this hotline for you to call to order your food, and they will deliver it to you afterwards! Super cool concept. But of course, eat responsibly. Do not feed the cats.

Choosing to dine inside there has a risk as well. Your food might be stolen when you are not looking. Because...... A bunch of kitty robbers will be hiding in corners, waiting to ambush you! Actually no la. They are all pretty daring. Jump straight up onto the table and attempt to share your food.... X'D

Be very very careful..... Not to let them eat. Our food might be harmful to cats, just like how chocolate is bad for dogs!

Their rates are as followed:

1st hour: $12
Subsequent 15 minutes: $3

Bottled drinks: $1.90
Canned drinks: $1.30

Snacks are available at their snack bar.
Food are to be ordered through the hotline given on the menu that is laid around the tables in the cafe.
Price range: $9 ~ $15

NOTE*: You have to wear socks to enter. Either your own pair of socks, or their's because they provide clean, new socks there as well!

Racks are available for you to keep your bags inside, shoe rack will be outside(obviously).

Some reeeeallly basic rules as a patron:

- Do not manhandle the cats.
- Do not make too much noise, speak softly.
- Do not feed the cats unnecessarily. They have their own food everywhere.
- Do not attempt to carry them when they are sleeping.
- Do not grab them and run around the cafe.
- Only carry them when you are seated down.
- Let them go if they want to go.
- Do not pull their whiskers, legs, or tail. And of course not the neck too.

Basically, just don't ill-treat the cats like those two bitches. Paying for entry does not give anybody the rights to keep them as hostage for photos! We all want fun experience visiting. So keep the cats happy, and don't intimidate them! If you can't even uphold such basic rule, then don't complain when the kitties get super unfriendly the next time you visit.

Okok, I need to stop getting annoyed at those people.....

Overall it was really enjoyable. The cats were really interactive, and they will come to you and lie down on your laps and all, hahahaha.

Best part of it is that, it really is quiet like a library! Quiet and cosy environment, filled with pure adorable fluffiness, accompanied with delicious food...... What more can we ask for?! Actually I can't wait to revisit either, hehehe. I miss those kitties so much!


Photo time!!

PS; I still didn't get to try honeycreme. THE QUEUE WAS INSANE.

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