Dominos Half & Half!

by - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Good news everybody!!

Domino's pizza is backkkkkk with awesome deals! I know how annoying it is to not be able to try different types of pizza at one go. SOOOOOO.

Domino's Pizza is introducing this package called, the HALF & HALF! You can get the best of both worlds!

I will explain further later on......

Visited the outlet at Kovan for a little bit of food tasting and games!

Here we have Quanns, Sam, Tselyn, and Fif!

The two pretty ladies, hehehehe.

Getting ready for the game!
We have the organiser explaining to us the game mechanics!

We were required to guess the sauces, and from there we chose the flavours we want for our half & half pizza,
after that create a story out of the 2 flavours!!

My team got the Pesto Passion Sauce! It's one of my favourite in Domino's Pizza!!

You are only allowed to chose 2 flavours from the same base! For Pesto Passion Sauce, we have 3 different flavours to chose from!

We ended up getting the Sicilian Prawn and Basilico Chicken!

Putting the drama queen in me to good use, I managed out a really cheesy script, LOL.
So glad we have talented Mel drawing the comic strip out for us!!

This is how the story goes......

Basilico Chicken lives on an island called, Pesto Passion Pizza. On the land of Pesto Passion Pizza only has him and no one else.

His favourite past time is to go fishing with his basil stalk, on a slice of Pesto Passion Pizza.... Because living on an island, there's nothing else he could do except for planting Basil crops and go fishing......

One day, when he was out fishing(Usually he doesn't get any catch. You know, fish don't eat basil leaves....), he got a catch!

Basilico Chicken was so excited because he has never gotten a catch before! He immediately tugged it up and met Sicilian Prawn!!!!!

Basilico Chicken was really really lonely, so he asked Sicilian Prawn to join him on the island.
Sicilian Prawn agreed, and they lived happily ever after......


Other teams presented too!!

After that we were served with the food, nhmmms.....

Just a group of bloggers doing the usual thing.....
We live by the rule where cameras eat first, LOL.

Here we have..... Pesto Passion Sauce: Sicilian Prawn, and Valenciana Mushroom!
I loooooooove the Mushroom I tell you. It's super good, serious.

So this is how the half & half works!

1 Chose your crust!
2 Chose your sauce!
3 Chose 2 flavours that has the same sauce base!

Right now Domino's is having a promo, 4 FLAVORS ON 2 PIZZAS from $22!!
With no extra surcharge or delivery charge!

You know how annoying it is having to buy 4 pizzas and end up not being able to finish everything because there's too much? Worse part is that, Domino's has SOOOO MANY DELICIOUS FLAVORS, I am always spoilt for choice. Then I will end up ordering 3 pizzas, and not finishing it, LOL.

I'm so glad Domino's introduced this promotion, where I can get 4 different flavours on just 2 pizzas!! Which means I don't have to spend extra on pizzas just because I got craving for different flavours anymore!! WOOHOOO.

3 cheers for Domino's!!

Another awesome thing about Domino's Pizza is that, they guaranteed to deliver within 30 minutes! So if you are extremely hungry, and really need food, you can always count on Domino's! If they are late for even a minute, they will compensate with a free regular pizza for your next meal!

Did I forget to mention they have really nice side snacks as well? Like their Crunchy Chicken with the Tom yam sauce, *ohmygod* And their BreadStix, *double ohmygod*......

I used to order 3 of these whenever I order Domino's, LOL. But then I stopped because I gained too much weight........ Ugh.

Okay, that's it. You've got to try it to know it.
Go sign up an account and order now, what you waiting for?!

Here we have the 4 winners for best script and best presenter!!
The talented couple won!! They ended up in 2 different teams, and winning 2 different prizes!
I think Tselyn and Sam are gonna have a hell lot of pizzas for the next one month, hahahahhaa.

Group photo!

Don't wait anymore, quick go order......... Then share with me please.

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