IT Show 2014 with CASIO

by - Sunday, March 02, 2014

Hello! I havent been updating because I had been really really really really busy hahahaha. Especially this weekend! I'm working for the ongoing IT Show @ MBS, and I really haven't have any time to get onto my laptop at all, T_T

But anyway, tomorrow will be the last day of the show and I am sooooo happy my misery is finally going to be over. Not saying working there is bad, because I actually really love my job! It's just, all the aches and sore throat, ugh, fml.

I was already down with horrible cold and sore throat on Wednesday before I started the show. Thought I would recover for a bit by Thursday, turned out it got so much worse, I actually lost my voice by Friday night. And today, I practically worked voiceless. Yes, voiceless. Omg, I have no idea how did I do it, but I just did. Anyway, I haven't mention did I? I am working for CASIO!!

Best part of the job? Take selfies and have fun. Hahahahahaha! That is obviously not the job scope lah. But it is part of what we have to do and at the same time, sales. It was bad that I lost my voice, but I'm happy enough to be able to get a deal or two. Especially when you have friends down to support... T_T *Mad touched*

And since it's the last day tomorrow.... The long awaited offer is of course here as well! Head on down to CASIO booth tomorrow at MBS Convention Center to check out the offers we have! The show starts from 12:00hrs until 21:00hrs! Alright, gonna post some photos I took from the 3 days at work.

Believe it or not, photos are all raw and unedited. Directly imported from EX-ZR1200!

And this awesome thing is apparently selling at $499 now. So dam bloody cheap.
Shouldn't have bought that ultra lousy N!k0n J2, wtf. Even got cheated to purchase secondhand at an overpriced amount of $450 from a friend. Double wtf.

But then again, I think I'll just make do with the lousy J2 because a good photographer takes good photos regardless what, HAHAHAHA!! :X

Alright time to head to bed now. I've got a war to fight tomorrow.
Do come down if you want to get camera ok!

Thank you for reading, xx x3

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