Going all short.

by - Monday, March 10, 2014

You know there is this chinese song that goes, "头发和永远原来都可以剪短".

That was when Kelly Poon went all short with her hair and released her album with a brand new image. So I've decided to go crazy and chop off my mane as well, because long hair is SOOOOO DANNNGGG HARD to take care of. I have to dry my hair every single night and I am honestly, just toooooooooo damnnnnnn lazy to do it.

SO, I've called Ning up to book yet another appointment with Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for a treatment(initially I have no plans to cut).

Me before cutting off my ultra fried mane. Can you see how fried and frizzy it was, omg. I cannot tahan, I swear. I'll have to spend so much on conditioners and electricity on hair dryer because my mane is so hard to take care of. I'm so glad I have Naoki Yoshihara by Ash sponsoring me hair treatments and all. Or else I might have already shaved it all off, hahahahhahaha.

So I sat down at my usual seat, and had a short conversation with my stylist of the day, Ayu. I told her how annoyingly hot the weather has become and I have the burning urge to chop off my hair. Then Ayu was saying how short hair will look good on me and I should try someday, and so........ POOF. There goes the hair....

Hahahahahahahhaa. I have no idea where did the courage come from but I did it, omg. I've never been a fan of short bob because I had short bob once back when I was a kid because of this stupid dirty girl in my student care. She had head lice(IT WAS DAMN MOTHER FUCKING DISGUSTING AND IT STILL IS) and I kena also, so I had to cut it off. And the growing phase was such a pain in the ass I have my hair curling in every direction because I have natural curly hair. Jeez, I don't even want to think about it. It was so bloody ugly I lived my life in shame. Wahlao... I had waist length locks back then.... T_____T

But anyway, as I was saying. Ayu then went on to start snipping off my hair, and an hour later, this was how I look.

Hahahahhaa, super cute right. After that she did soft rebonding for me because the hair wouldn't stay in place.

And..... POOF. See how smooth and bouncy it looks. Hehehehehehe. Best part about soft rebonding is that it doesn't make my hair look too flat. And I have very little hair, so I really hate normal rebonding because it always make me look hairless, :@

Also, last week, I headed back to Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for a quick hair fix.
You know, the usual treatment and all because I had been so busy, I don't even have the time to condition my hair.
No excuse lah, I know. But I get so lazy I just shampoo and then get out of the shower already, hahahahahaha. I don't even wash my face sometimes, I just rinse it with water. So busy, I cannot... I need my sleep, omg. XD
And yep, this is how I look now.

It's been 3 weeks since I cut my hair, and I am still trying to get use to it hahaha. I really miss my long hair a lot, omg. But looking at how the temperature had changed, I think I'm better off with short hair now... It's too hot to keep long hair in Singapore, I'd die.

So ladies, don't be afraid to go short. I also YOLO already, hahahahaha!! Just do it!
Pop by Naoki Yoshihara by Ash for a hair cut nowwww! And don't forget to book an appointment for a hair treatment too! Too good to not try, seriously.

And a totally random photo of me and bae, hehehe.

Xx, Vivian.

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