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by - Sunday, November 17, 2013

Haven't been able to find time to blog about AFA yet because there are wayyyy too many photos for me to process. And what made it worse was that, it was really crowded at AFA'13, so most of my photos got photobombed and kind of lost focus... :( It became more of a landscape shot than an objective shot. T_T

I think I spent this week pretty productively because I had work on Wednesday, attended a media preview on Thursday, then went for a job interview on Friday, and headed to join Clint and his band for a quick jamming session today. I am now 1% closer to being human! Not too sure if I should be happy about it.. Being human also means you'll have a chance to get hurt by things happening around you. Which isn't too good.. I'm too foreign to such stuff since I didn't have much friends in the past. I didn't really like socializing. Or rather, I'm too socially-awkward it's hard for me to hold a casual conversation properly with someone.

Tried out a lot of new stuff this November. Learnt a lot too! Human relation isn't too quite in my favour this month though.

Time is passing extremely fast. To think NATAS fair had already passed for 3 months now, ohmygod.
We are already half way through the month! And I'll be flying off in just 13 days time...
I am giving some serious consideration about taking a break before flying off. But since I'll be away for 2 weeks, I should probably just work it all out now and then chill my mind overseas right?
Gah. Idk. I feel I have so much to do, my brain capacity isn't able to handle things anymore. I've been sooooo forgetful I don't even remember what had I done or say for the past couple of weeks. It seems like everything happened yesterday, but it also seem like it didn't happen at all. (What?)

Quick dinner at fatboys.sg today. Damn the burger is soooooooo dang goooooodddd I managed to swallow everything even though I was honestly bloated to the brim.

I had Honey Oat Beef Burger with Cheddar cheese and Tomato Cassasdfghidkhowtospell sauce! Couldn't remember what the guys had, ^^" Didn't get a chance to photograph it either because we were all too hungry and it smells too nice, we couldn't resist... Hahahaha......

Anyway the patties were all cooked to medium rare to retain it's juiciness, so it doesn't feel too dry with the bun. And god the cheese is supermegafoxyawesome. Anything with a beef patty and cheese is awesome. I don't even need to explain. 8D -

And I have sooooo many pretty photos to share I don't even know where to start, omg. I think I will do a mass update on Monday since that day is still free(I think?). Time is passing so quickly I can't even catch up!! But life is good since I have things to do.

Attending a really awesome event later on in the early afternoon. I am so eggcited! Gonna go charge my camera and prepare to sleep soon.
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So good night for now! Update again when I can! :hearts:

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