Crazy 25th.

by - Saturday, July 27, 2013

25th July marks me and Clint's 17th monthsary! This is by far my longest relationship ever, and the craziest day, ever. Me and Clint had already planned on a trip to USS beforehand, totally forgetting that the last set of minions were releasing on that day too. So upon realizing, I got up at about 10AM, and headed over to the McD to queue for my bias.

What really infuriate me about all these McD minion queuing craze is that.... I was actually told that McD Happy Meals are not allowed/entitled for curry sauce, even if you ordered the nuggets set. Whaaat?! That was what happened last week. I ordered 2 nugget sets and asked for curry sauce, and got denied because I was told they were not allowed to give curry sauce for Happy Meal. Not an usual early riser, I felt extremely tired waking up at 10AM, so I decided not to argue since I've gotten my minions.

Now what really got me all fed up and exploded was what this lady from the McD crew told me when I joined the queue on the 25th. The moment I got there, I was welcomed by this really unfriendly lady that tried chasing me away by telling me that all the minions were sold out at 9AM. What the hell? You were only supposed to start selling at 11AM!! What's with "All sold out at 9AM"?! I obviously felt super indignant and grumpy... I'm not an early riser, and the heat was plain insane the night before so I didn't sleep well. I thought the least someone could do as a staff from the restaurant is being friendly. But I just have to face her horrible attitude on a rare morning where I woke up extremely early.

I chose not to believe that swindler, and joined the queue anyway. I'm glad I did! Even though the wait was long, I got my completed set of minions!! But the joy didn't last very long. I had arranged to meet Clint at 1PM at Vivo, but the queue had took up about an hour of my time and by the time I got home, it was 12PM already. And I thought I wouldn't take more than 10 minutes queueing, since I took less than that for the past two weeks. And the lunches are not even packed! I was practically panicking, trying to use some superhuman powers to make my hotdogs and spaghetti cook within seconds, which obviously did not happen. I ended up reaching Vivo at 2:30PM.....

I am glad things got better after reaching USS even though we had to walk the broadwalk to get over to Sentosa under that insane heat. Me and Clint headed over to Far far away to eat up the lunch I packed and we started getting on the rides! The Mummys' was closed the past 2 times I was there, I was quite depressed I didn't get to play. But it's opened this time round! And it wasn't really crowded since it's a Thursday, so me and Clint went like 2 times in a row and wanted to get on Galatica next, but to realize Galatica was closed for that day. How lucky.

2 pieces of Strawberry Shortcake from Celebrity Cafe in USS at only $7.90!! Super cheap!!

Getting bored of most of the rides around, we ended up going around USS watching all the LIVE shows available. I have never thought there are these much LIVE Shows in USS until that day! We practically went show hunting. From watching Donkey's LIVE musical, to Waterworld, and then to Monster Rock. And this is not the end.

We headed over to Vivo for our dinner at Burger King before rushing back to our area for a midnight show. Clint was saying how he would "totally watch The Wolverine tonight" if there was movie tickets. So I did some magic and poofed a pair of movie tickets out. Hahahahaha, you should have seen his face.

The Wolverine was plain awesome. Hugh Jackman is smoking hot, as always. Just look at this body?!

A pity there's no pretty girls in this series, hahaha. Oh! Do remember to stay for the post-credits if you're watching Wolverine! The next installment seems realllllyyy interesting! Most of the casts are returning and the comic was dope. I believe X-Men never disappoints. WALLAHHHH, I CAN'T WAIT.

Anyway, we close to the end of July already, (already?!). Time had passed so quickly I could barely register what had happened throughout the whole July! There were soooo many things going on, and I didn't have time to actually sit down and blog about it. And to be honest, my memory is failing so badly I couldn't really recall what did I do for the past 1 month! I wish I had been more hard working, staying up the night just to blog. But it's gonna be really boring since my phone dies really easily, and I wouldn't have any photos up for the post. I know you guys love photos more than a wall of text, don't you? XD

For August too, I've already gotten half of my August packed with events and work! I am really grateful for all the love that've came by ever since I got out of living hell last year February. I can never thank all of you enough!

Just a quote that I've been living by,

If you chose to live your life unhappily,
You'll remain unhappy till you leave Earth.
Keep up a smile and stay positive,
Everything would eventually fall into place.
All because you chose to live it the happy way.
I've never really believed in brainwashing yourself that things are alright, as long as you think it is alright. But it somehow affects psychologically I guess. When you are happy, you would attract the positive energy. And when you're feeling down, somehow everything seems dark and gloomy. So quotes do make sense in some ways?

Whatever it is, keep smiling everyone!


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