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I was doing my assignment about colors just now, using PASTEL, and suddenly decided to be a lil crazy and creative since the school always teaches us, "Being creative is to not be afraid of right or wrong." Which simply means, creativity can be anywhere and there isn't right or wrong about what you do.

On a side note, in case some of you were wondering what's pastel...

Yes, it's actually the almighty "hair chalk" that was really popular a couple of months back.

Anyway, pastel is actually an art medium made of pure powered pigment and a binder. And if the binder isn't strong enough, you will likely get cadmium poisoning. Which I think doesn't happen to people who don't use it often.


This is obviously NOT a hair dye-ing material and is NOT suitable for hair!

I did say I decided to be crazy for once, didn't I. So I shall try out this "hair chalk", despite knowing its totally not suitable for human hair.

The application is really simple. Just wet your hair, and then rub the color you want onto your hair. I didn't take picture of the process because it was so messy!!

I strongly recommend on using gloves when using pastel. The color is so annoying when it's all over your hands! You can't touch anything or else it would stain everything you touched.

I did a rainbow fishtail, which took me about 10 mins. It's really fast and easy, but trust me, I would never want to do this ever again. Halfway through and I'm totally regretting it. Hoping I'd didn't had done it in the first place. It made my hair so damn dry and crispy , like as if I just deep-fry my head.

Here's how it looked..

SEE HOW FRIED IT IS?! I already tried to soften away the crisp but still... Sigh, failed attempt.

Camwhore anyway.

With the hair down.

My room has orange light so my photos look kinda dull. And they're all taken using my phone, I can't resist not adding effects to it, hahaha.

And yes! I got my iPhone 5! Bwahahahaha, 8D. Got it on the second day actually. Didn't have the time to blog about it because I was so busy, fml.

I'm totally in love with the camera and its new Panorama feature.

Jelly fish during my trip to underwater world! Super pretty right!! Couldn't upload a panorama because the width of the picture is too big, ugh.

But I'm still a happy girl!! Hahahaha!
Alright I shall end here for today. Still loaded with tons of assignments, FML.

Ps; PLEASE DO NOT TRY ANY HAIRCHALKS, unless at your own risk/unless its a certified hair dye. But it isn't, DON'T TRY. It's SUPER damaging to your hair!

Baibai! Xx

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