Random rants

by - Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm really bothered. Okay, I'm still not over the fact that I lost my phone and I don't have an iPhone now. Everybody's like iPhone here, S3 there and I'm like still using a that Lousy Gadget. Fml.

And most of my lessons requires me to document my process, which in other words means I'll have to take picture of my working process. And I OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE A DECENT CAMERA AT ALL! Now that my 4S is gone... To think I actually got 4S because of it's cameo. Now that I've my 4S stolen, I can't take pretty pictures, I can't whatsapp, I can't play my Tiny Village, I can't edit photos with all those apps anymore, and I am constantly grumpy...

I honestly can't stand pixelated and lousy quality photos. I can't believe I actually have to take photos using my stupid 3.0 MGP LG and print them out to hand up as my assignment. What's worse, I don't even have a decent laptop. And everyone in school is like.... MacBook, ASUS?!

Maybe I can borrow Clint's TOSHIBA and OLYMPUS once in a while la, but it's not mine after all! I'll have to be so careful with it and that obviously does not make me happy. I know he won't get piss off at me if I spoil those gadgets, but still.... I don't like borrowing stuff and use. :(

Ugh, whatever. Doesn't make any difference now since I can't get my phone back. Fml.

A brand new week again tomorrow. And it's the earliest lesson imma have for the whole week. I gotta sleep early tonight or else I'm just gonna over sleep again and get my attendance waived.

Just a piece of random rant. Bye.

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