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by - Saturday, September 18, 2021

YOU GUYSSSSSS. I’ve got something good to share. I don’t know if you guys are aware but I’ve recently started out my entrepreneur journey with a good friend. Technically it isn’t my business but I was involved in plotting her creatives. We were planning the templates when we touched the topic about printing visuals, mainly her namecards AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND. OnTimePrint by Gogoprint Group! They have wide variety, good rates, and fast delivery time.

OnTimePrint also has really versatile customization options, where you can chose between the type of lamination, the gsm of paper, whether or not you need rounded cuts at the corners, double sided prints and customized size of your print media. Imagine a cinematic looking sleek and translucent namecard, how bout that!! Service and quality aside, they also offer designers to help you out with your designs if you are troubled with getting a design that represents you best. Here are some of the products they have!

So many variations with just OnTimePrint's namecard itself. Spot varnish, hot stamp, textured, recycled papers even. Here's more!

Check out their list of sticker printing here.

And same day/next day flyers printing too! They also do bookmarks and invitation cards, just a few to name.

What I really love is how they can do same day delivery for many different things. Who doesn’t love receiving their goods and see the product manifest immediately? Especially if I have last minute amendments or requests to fulfill. Thank you OnTimePrint for the timely delivery and affordable prices!

More information for your different printing needs, check out OnTimePrint Singapore.

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