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by - Friday, October 30, 2020

Had the honor to get a customized bouquet specially handcrafted by the Senior Florist at Little Flower Hut!

Swear by having no GST, and their 1hr super express delivery, Little Flower Hut creates premium bouquet almost immediately for every and any occasion you can name. What surprised me the most is that they actually do 24/7 delivery? So you made your wife angry and got chased out of the house in the middle of the night? No fret, Little Flower Hut to the rescue! but okay don't make your wife angry, hahahahhaaha

I was honestly surprised by how huge the bouquet was because I wasn't aware of what I was gonna receive. I just let the nice people from Little Flower Hut decide and craft me a customized bouquet by their Senior Florist and boy, I was really, really, really surprised! This is the biggest bouquet I've ever received in my life??? And champange roses on top of it!! I love, love champange roses! Sunflowers, cottons and blue roses aside of course, haha. If I have to rank the roses by their colors, I'd deffo go for blue, champange, white, pink.... Not too much a fan of red roses, mmmm.

Love how meticulous they are with the fillers!! Anyway!! The pretty flowers were sent to my door steps when I wasn't home, so I had the delivery guy hung it on my main gate. I think it was out there for a good 7 hours before I finally got home and brought it into the house. You know how flowers are supposed to be kept in cool and dry area so they don't wither so quickly? I was so surprised the flowers are still in tip top condition when I arrived home because it was left out in the warmth for so long. God knows what kind of condition it was at my door steps but deffo not a place that's suitable to keep bouquets, don't do a Vivian.

Guarantees NO GST, and 24/7 delivery, Little Flower Hut provides hugeeeeee range of flower arrangements for any occasions. You can check out their website for more information and promotions for upcoming events!! Also, CHECK OUT THEIR COTTON BOUQUETS!@#*!(#*!@#!!?!!!!
SO. FREAKING. CUTE. AAAHHHHH. There are a lot more variations sorted by the kind of flowers, occasions, types of bouquets, etc- etc-. So feel free to pop by Little Flower Hut for your upcoming celebration!

Let me know if you wanna send me a bouquet of cotton, I'll pass you my address. HAHA JK, Happy holidays everyone!

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