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by - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Welcomed the long weekend with an impromptu trip to Batam with Kimmy. Opportunities like these are so hard to come by now because of school and NS. I remembered our last trip together was last July to Krabi (Said I'll blog about it but look, it's been a year and where's the post? Hahahhaha)

Anyway, the trip was planned just yesterday before Kimmy got prepared for his NDP duty. He pretty much didn't sleep after he came home this morning at around 3am and poof, here we are, 5 hours later....

Montigo Resorts Batam

Greeted with lemon grass tea and iced cold hand towel for the scorching hot weather upon arrival. Good thing about booking a reservation here is that they actually provide bus shuttles from the ferry terminal to the resort, so it's really convenient. They have wifi throughout the entire resort, and occasional Singapore signal...... Not sure if that's a good thing being so near home hahahaha.

Montigo provides 24 hour check-in provided if the room is available. Sadly, they were fully booked the day before so we did not managed to check-in right upon arrival. We were early enough to enjoy the breakfast buffet though! So the staff suggested us to go for the breakfast buffet while we are waiting since the next room is only going to be ready at 3PM

Friendly staffs of Montigo! They greet you everywhere you go, and assist you in every little thing possible, super nice!

Miniature of their resort, super detailed I wish my projects are half as good LOL.

Hill Top Villa

You also get to book a romantic ride around Batam on these vintage cars at a really affordable fee!

Breakfast Buffet @ TADD'S

Every reservation comes with complimentary breakfast.
You can also walk in at 200,000RP/person if you're not staying with Montigo.

The breakfast buffet is insane. Probably because I haven't had such amazing food all in one place for quite a while. The last was Pan Pacific Hotel's buffet @ Edge, shit that's some epic godlike buffet over there hahaha.
Montigo provides international breakfast buffet, ranging from traditional indo cuisine to european's beef goulash, to our beloved congee, and then my favorite cereal bar; they have a selection so broad you'd be full before you even get to try everything. So my advice is you take a little bit of everything, so that you get to try all of their food before you get too full to devour their pastry and desserts.

All time favorite Roti Jala with Chicken Curry,

Many different type of bread and pastry selection, with a toaster on the left and fruit jams to choose from on the right!

We were done with breakfast at about 11:30AM, after that we took a short walk around the beach/jetty area since we have the time. But we were so unfamiliar with the place because it's our first day so we ended up heading back to the reception to chill for a bit until our room is ready.

Back at the reception;

We managed to finally check-in at around 1PM, after rolling around for 3 hours hahahhaha

Did I mention that Montigo Resorts is actually friggin huge? The buggy will transport you from the reception to your villa or the restaurant area because it's that huge. Sure you can walk, but it's summer all year round, I'd suggest not la, ah?

We booked the Hill Top Villa, located right at the top of Montigo, just one straight path down from the reception so it isn't too unaccessible tbh. But we were extremely surprised at how freaking big the villa actually is. Kimmy didn't think it would be this big when we were making our reservation.

Greeted by a humongous living room that's big enough to throw a pool side party for 15 people, we were clueless asf as to how are we gonna utilize the space fully.

They have amazing minimalistic interior for all of their villas, decorated with exquisite paintings, ornaments and decorations, every spot is photo worthy.

Just thought these 2 carvings are really cool hahaha

Cooking area.

Minibar, refreshments are all free of charge unless stated.

Poolside dining area. Table's slightly rocky though. Probably because it's made of wood and it's right next to the pool

Yes, it started drizzling after we check-in. The sun was scorching right before?!! But it stopped after a while and we managed to swim for a bit hahaha

Photo worthyyyyyy asfff

Guest bedroom! There's 2 rooms for this villa, one being the master bedroom and two, this one right here!

Humongous toilet x 1 that's the size of 3/4 my room.

Adjacent to this room is the master bedroom that's triple the size of the guest room. Yep, you read it right, triple the size.......

No comments...... Everything is aesthetic asf I can't......

And humongous toilet x2 that is twice the size of my own room?! I swear you can have some kinky ass bubble bath party here hahahahhaa #justsaying
The tub is so huge you'd run out of hot water trying to fill it up

Dressing area for two x)

&up to the rooftop!

Sorry, forgot to take a shot of the amazingly spacious rooftop that's perfect for stargazing because I was too mesmerised by the view. Hahahahahhaahha

Anyway, it was almost time for dinner after we're done swimming and settling down in the villa. Called for room service because we were so freaking lazy and the surrounding area has absolutely nothing. Nearest town is at least a 15 minutes drive away? But the restaurants within the resort itself serves amazing food, there is also Tiigo bar at night with Dj spinning for you to chill!

That sums up our day 1 @ Batam, hahaha. Tbh didn't really do much except relaxing and enjoying the slow pace lifestyle here. We booked a session of "Chef's Experience" for tomorrow morning. We gonna be fishing for our own fish and then learning to cook some traditional Indo food, hahaha. Xiao eggcited. Update again tomorrow!

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