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by - Friday, July 28, 2017

Just had a major hair transformation last month with Elein before I flew off to Taiwan for an impromptu vacay. (Yes, I know I know, I fly around a lot and it's all impromptu, but I legit detest staying in Singapore la!) I am back to short bangs again after 1 year of crazy hair color journey hahahaha.

Here's a few shots over the past few months:

It's regrettable that my hair had pretty much died after all the bleaching and dye jobs, but it's already been done, may as well continue HAHAHAHA. Something that I wasn't prepared for though, was the blue dye to stayed on for so long and turned my hair 4 tones darker. Now I miss my blonde head so much, ugh.

Anyway, I've decided to get rid of the ugly blue because it became super patchy and purplish(god knows how did that even happened), and it's simply hideous. So I dropped by Artistry and made yet another life changing decision.

Now, lo and beholdddddddd......

Tadahhhhh! I finally look less ahlian. I really like the new hair but the love was short lived. I started missing my long blonde hair after a week and couldn't stop whining about it being too short. Sigh, I legit cannot keep long hair. I've got no patience to wait for it to grow pass the awkward length.... And I regret cutting my hair every single time(?!)
I guess girls will always be girls.....

Anyway, Elein helped me dye my hair ash grey to cover up the ugly patchy blue. She first washed out the blue with a bleach shampoo(it actually really is just bleach powder added to grey shampoo), and then proceed to do a treatment before helping me with the dye job.

It takes magic hands to be able to fix this mess ok.

They have a series of new hair colors that just came in and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I was so conflicted when choosing the color I want, hahahhaa

I ended up going for Silvery Ash color, which didn't really turned out the way it should because of my purple based hair. So the ash became a really nice Silvery Purple instead. No complains because I've always loved this color hahaha

So much love.

But okay, I still want to go blonde. I'd prefer blonde hair over anything anytime tbh hahahaha. Anyway, check out Artistry Hair Professional's ongoing promotion!

Look for Elein when you book your appointment with Artistry Hair Professional and get up to 10% ~ 30% OFF hair services when you quote my name during your visit!

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