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by - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Received a set of éPure's Membranous Jelly Masque last week to try out. My skin has been in a terrible state ever since I started school, this mask came at the right time hahahaha.

Swear by "Minimal Time, Maximum Results", I was extremely excited to try the Jelly Masque and see what results I would get. Apart from the fact that I have really really tired skin, there's also skin tear, fine lines and cracks because it's too dry.... And my skin looks super duper dull right now. It's terrible. I tried so many different masks and I still look the same. Starting to get skeptical already, like does masks actually really works?

Anyway! I was given a pack of 30ml X 5 packages Membranous Jelly Masque, packed in a super minimalist box(I like!).

There is also a scrapper for you to even out the jelly mask evenly on your face upon applying so you can make sure you get even results.

It is recommended to apply thicker layer to the tip of your nose, T-zone and pigment areas so as to aid brightening/whitening, as well as to balance out uneven skin tone on your face! What amazing about this mask is that, not only does it helps brighten your complexion, it also works to restore and balance the skin by removing impurities like blackheads/whiteheads. Which is a problem I've always faced because I don't visit beauty parlours, I barely done more than 10 facials in my entire life. (Poor film student, no money to do facial)

Check out this jellyjellyjelly! I like how clear and cooling it looks!

Application is really easy and smooth. Though removing it can be quite a hassle because you got to scrap off the jelly first, then rinse it off. The gel-like substance isn't exactly easy to wash off to be honest.

Face cramp cause dam cold LOL

I only applied on half my face to see how effective it is! I must say I am really surprised. Because it managed to scrap off some black/whiteheads off my skin, and smoothen it out quite a bit! I also have extremely dull skin, so it kind of just even out my tone a little when I scrapped off the layer of jelly with all my dead skin inside, gross I know hahaha

I really like how I can instantly feel the difference tho! The side that I had my mask on felt more hydrated and smooth as compared to the other side.



A visible amount of blackheads off, though not completely. I guess with regular usage, it will go off as time passes? :3
I really like this mask except that it is tedious to apply and remove hahahaha.

You can now get your sample on to try this out for yourself!


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