Klenspop Review: SCL 25 Brown!

by - Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I'm back with another lens review!! I know, I know, it's been a while. I received another pair of lovely brown lenses from Klenspop called the SCL 25 BROWN. It's a pair of really really pretty and natural looking 14.3mm brown lenses that makes your eyes come "alive" from different angles.

This is by far my favorite lens right now because it is really soft and comfortable. It feels like it is barely there, and doesn't dry up too! Not forgetting it looks extremely natural. Like legit eye color kind of natural, it suits every single occasion! Hahahaha.

"When can I touch up my hair color ah?"

A slightly close-up shot with lights shining straight at me. You could see the lenses made my iris look less boring, hahaha. And I can go out with minimal make-up for this pair of lenses!

Unlike other colorful lens where you definitely need to have make-up on so you don't look too naked, this pair of SCL 25 Brown fits perfectly even when you are too lazy to put on make-up but wish to get those glasses off.

And it glows amber under natural lights!

The shipping takes approx. 1 week directly from Korea, and tracking number will also be given, so no worries about lost parcels! I really like dealing with Klenspop because the staff are really nice and they are extremely patient. I once had a lost mail because Singpost held it up for over 2 weeks. I only managed to retrieve the parcel after 17 days, :( ...

So I informed the staff about it, they were really patient and were really really nice. They provided me with the tracking no. and assisted me through retrieving the package from Singpost!

Furthermore, they have special sale going on once in a while, where you can get super chio lenses at a really affordable price! Not even kidding you, I actually bought lenses from them for my boyfriend and friends because they really love the lenses!

Hello to my big face, HAHAHAH.

Check out my other grey lens review here! Thank you for reading!

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