Love is....

by - Saturday, December 20, 2014

Love is being able to enjoy silent company, even if there isn't any interaction.

Love is being able to run to someone whenever you have free time on hand.

Love is believing someone is always there even though they're not.

Love is accepting their flaws no matter how much it hurts you.

Love is making the best out of the one you love even though it is impossible.

Love is limitless, love is brave.

But love is also miles of rose field, filled with hurtful thorns.

Love is tears and lots of blood.

Love is what we called a pounding heart.

Love holds lies that shows pretty sight, love blinds us with those shimmering lights.

Love is bravery, love is courage.

Love makes us feel alive, giving us the power to fight.

Keeps me warm and fills empty spaces. Pushes me up and plunges fearless.

Like a moth attracted to the fire and heat.

That's what love is..

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