December's here!

by - Friday, November 28, 2014

Yipee, yipee, yipeee yayyyyy.

It's holidayyyys! It's finally holidays!! I've been waiting for this moment for so long!! To be honest, I am actually quite sad. Because I don't have a job for the past 1 month due to school, so for the entire December, I have no money, and I am totally broke, lol. So much for holiday season! Worse part, it's BLACK FRIDAY. Oh god, all the sales every where..... And then you have Meiji, Adidas, Puma, all those warehouse sales too. Imagine how sad I feel?!

I thought I could enjoy. Like book a trip to Batam, and have some shiok massage and all. Or stay at home all day to rot and do nothing... I also thought I could finally get on with the plans I had for the past couple of months. But when I track back to the first step for all these plans, I immediately got super sian. Because everything requires money, and I have no money. :(

So what I basically do now everyday is sleep, and watch dramas, and sleep some more. Hahahaha. I've also been cutting down on carbs, just so I could get back to an acceptable weight. I am 51.8kg now.... Crazy fat.

I have also been sick for the past couple of weeks. Having bad headache and on-off runny nose. Tap spoil ah.

It's okay I'll be fine soon since all that stress is gone. Hehehehhe.

Another thing. I am shutting my phone off for the next one month because I am so sick of people bugging me everyday, trying to get me out of the house. You see, my friends are all filthy rich and they can afford to travel here and there on cab everyday, and eat food that cost over $30 PER MEAL, but I am just a poor little girl struggling to survive without allowance and stable pay every month. -_- ... Their lifestyle, I can't keep up. I am satisfied with just home cooked food with Ryan, XD

The other day I went out with chubby-vivian. She's my twin ever since we first met at Wongamania gathering hahaha. It's surprising how alike we are sometimes. Equally blur and all. It was funny because I was doing my hair at Komachi, and she thought International Building was at Tanjong Pagar. After I explained it's at Orchard, she then told me her facial appointment is at Far East Shopping Center, lol! That's like right opposite International Building!!
So she came over and look for me after she's done hahaha. Super sweet la. :P

Last Wednesday, Ryan also had a short performance with The Summer Drive at SP. I went down as the camera woman as usual. It was raining really heavily so some audio wasn't recorded really well. Quite sad. If only I had a DSLR with some decent mic.... Hahaha. But what really annoyed me that day was the camera crew from SP. There was this woman sitting right next to the camcorder, doing nothing but pressing the "record" button. And she got really rude when I walk passed her camera. *Note: I actually walked outside the perimeter of the screen. So she got really rude by tapping me really hard at my waist, and tell me, "Eh. Don't walk across the camera."

Like wtf. I took a glimpse at the NXCAM when I was still standing near it. That woman didn't even adjust the white balance, everything was over-exposed, the angle was bad, the mic was pointing at the rain, collecting sound of the rain instead of the performance. Common sense tells you if you wish to record audio of the performance, at least point the mic at the speakers.

But whatever lah. I won't be the one editing or doing treatment to those clips. Audio salvation or whatnot is none of my business.

Collected the CASIO Pomrie stamp maker from TJ yesterday at SITEX. Was supposed to whip up a short tutorial post today, but I was so sick.... I slept in the entire day. :(
Anyway, I managed to make a small little stamp just now haha. I think I'll be able to do the tutorial post tomorrow.
If any of you are interested in the stamp maker, you can get it at SITEX 2014 now, at about $139(?)
Buy up to $200 worth of CASIO Pomrie products, and get 20% off total bill!! Super worth it, really. I'm even getting one for my mom hahahahaha.

Alright, I will update again tomorrow. The medication is starting to take effect. I am super sleepy now.
Good night you all. I am starting to type rubbish hahhahaha bye-bye

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