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by - Tuesday, September 02, 2014

After being a spoilt brat and procrastinate for over 20 years, I've finally stopped that bad habit and start getting serious with my life. But today, I procrastinated again, just to get this post up. Because I am so so so angry and frustrated at some people, but I just can't do anything about it. I mean, some people are brought up this way. What can I do?

I used to prioritise fun before education and money until I was old enough to understand education and money is really, honestly everything. They go together, and they have to go together. Living in this country, no cert = no job. Even in the arts scene.... No portfolio = no job. And where does the portfolio come from? Education, time, projects.

I am currently studying Broadcast Media. Doing everything backstage, from setting up lights to post-producing a film. In case you don't know, the very first movie took almost 2 years to edit because back in those days, you don't do cutting using computers. Even until today, a short 5 minutes film can take you a minimum of 3 months to plan. From scripting, planning of locations, sourcing actors, scouting locations, renting locations, getting equipments, all the way to filming, collecting b-rolls, video editing and then finally audio editing, rendering and checking through the entire film.

Same goes for animation. Having a minimum of 25 frames per second, you will have to draw at least 10,000 frames for just a 6 minutes animation. But of course, you can say that there are short cuts and lots of software to help you now. But animators would still have to go through each and every frame to make sure a smooth screening for the audiences.

Thinking of criticising a film again? Think twice.

Okay that's not the point. So this is what annoys me the most. People thinking that creating a short film is basically just filming things with your phone and then putting all the clips together. As easy as A, B, C.

NO. Ok? NO.

It consists of lots and lots of sweat, brain juice, time and effort to produce something from totally nothing. It is not just piecing different clips together and then calling it a film! Being a student in this course, we are required to do all of these alone. Because we are still learning, we are needed to produce everything, on our own.

I don't have all the time in the world. I don't have time for anything else apart from my projects and family. I don't have time to deal with other people's problems, and I don't have time to entertain unimportant assignments. I don't want to risk flunking my education just because of things that are not equally important. Please do understand that, your problem is your problem. Don't make it mine. And you CAN'T BLAME ME for that! Just because I prioritise my education and job before YOUR PROBLEM, it's my fault?

To be extremely honest, I would give up every other thing just to graduate and quickly get on with life? Because I know I am not young anymore, and I don't have the time to waste. People can continue living their dreams and go on with their ideologies. But that is not what I want to do! Those are not my dreams! I really hate it when people put their dreams on me and expect me to do what they want to do, but cannot do. I am not your puppet.

All this stress is making me bald. There are so much I wish to say, but I cannot because I cannot afford to. Literally, cannot afford. The best part? I am a nobody. Seriously don't get why do I have to restrict my freedom of speech because of people who isn't worth my respect.

Don't call yourself a boss if you can't even put yourself in your employee's shoes.

Just an analogy. I actually really love my bosses and my job. Hahahhaha

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