by - Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A surprise came in some time back when I just came back from Japan!! I was doing my usual baby sitting because my nephew and aunts where here at my place, and then suddenly, postman came. And TADAHHHHH!


See see the products, hehehehe.

I've always love receiving packages and parcels through mail! It's like receiving random surprises and presents from people with so much love. *melts*

It feels like Christmas every time I receive surprises knocking on my doors hahahhaha.

Klarity CC cream!! This thing has crazy whitening effect. I suddenly look like a korean after using this. O_O
Considering getting the normal pack, but I just bought so many BB/CC creams back from Japan T_T

Phytokeratine Reparative Shampoo!

Mom got so eggcited when she saw this. Actually my mom has a lot of hidden talents, and hairdressing is one of them. So when she saw this bottle lying on her table, she went like, "Wooo good stuff!" And then I haven't seen it ever since. LOL.

My toothpaste will never run out with Blackbox! I mean, don't you just love it when you receive free toothpaste? Don't have to pop by drug stores just to replenish stock anymore!! Sign up for Blackbox now. Quick.

Not forgetting the skincare samples they always give!! Whitening collagen mask!!
My skin feels so much firmer and tighter after using this!

Guess it's called the 360 degree ultra lifting mask for a reason, :P

Vouchers for Tealy tea which I really really love!!!!!!! Even my mom and aunt love it. It feels ultra refreshing and keeps you energised for the entire day. I wouldn't recommend you to drink it at night though..... Mom said she had one during tea time and she couldn't sleep well at night because it keeps you awake and energised for the rest of the day, @_@

So Tealy's tea has become my best friend for morning event jobs ever since, hehehe. I will always make a cup before I head out to work because I am not an early riser, so morning jobs makes me feel extremely drained and tired. The best part of it is that the tea smells soooooooooooo niceeeeee, I just couldn't resist not making a cup every single time.

What you waiting for? Go sign up for your very own surprise now at!! Don't forget to like their Facebook page to participate in their Friday Giveaways!!

Good luck y'all! Xx

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