Day 2: Mt. Fuji, Japan

by - Friday, June 20, 2014

We woke up to a sumptuous breakfast this morning at Hotel Suimeisou Hakone! At about 07:30(6:30 SG time) in the morning, the staff at the ryokan came in to prepare breakfast for us! What could be better than waking up to a feast in your room? x)

The tuna sashimi and egg is superrrrrr gooooddd. I almost stole Ryan's share xD!

Nomnomnommm tofu!

Packed up immediately and got ready to check-out because we were rotting around so much, we were actually already an hour behind our initially planned schedule by the time we were done with our food, :(

Bid good bye to this beautiful hotel room, left our luggages at the counter, (They actually allow us to keep our luggages at the counter after checking-out then go and tour Hakone! Super nice of them!) and headed straight over to Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History!

It's only a train stop away from Hakone-Yumoto, hehehe. So it is very convenient to visit!

Popped by the ice cream shop while on our way to the train station! The best coffee ice cream (350JPY) I've ever tried! Probably because I am in Japan, LOL.

Train to Iriuda takes about 3 ~ 5 minutes! And then a short walk of 5 minutes to the museum itself! !
Lucky us got discount because of our Hakone Freepass. And adding onto the discount, both me and Ryan are students, so our tickets only cost us 400JPY for both of us! 8D

But if you're not a fan of natural history, this museum might be boring for you. Then again, they have so many cool stuff I think it is really worth the visit, hahahaha!

We headed back to the hotel to collect our luggages after we were done with the museum! Took us approx an hour around the entire museum. Would have stayed longer if the descriptions were in English.. x(

And then both me and Ryan suffered yet another round of nerve wrecking dilemma because there were so many places we want to visit, but due to time constrain we could only chose one of the two choices we have: Gotemba Premium Outlet or Owakudani Volcanic Ruins.

We ended up heading over to Gotemba because we really don't have the time to stop by Owakudani, :(
We were required to check-in by 7PM at Fuji Highland Resort, and by the time we were done at Hakone it was already 2PM. T_T

So we took a bus over to Sengoku and then up to Gotemba Premium Outlet. Whole trip took us about 1 and a half hours, reaching Gotemba at about 4PM.

Yup, lugging our luggages to shop....... BUT, thank god for lockers! LOL. Just 500JPY for a huge locker, we squeezed our luggage and baggage in. Hehehehe

I guess that's where Mt. Fuji supposed to be, but it was too foggy to be seen. Wasted T_T

Got all the stuff that we need, and we were back to rushing all over the place again. Wish I could stay here a little longer. :(

Trip from Gotemba to Mt.Fuji was hell. We got lost so many times, and the sky was getting dark, and it was sooooooo cold, and we were rushing to meet the check-in time.... And we couldn't locate the hotel when we reach our station.
But we somehow managed to get help from a couple of extremely nice people who tried to bring us to our hotel! One called a friend to ask for location, one walked about 300m with us because we couldn't understand Japanese, and one lady ended up driving us over to the hotel itself. They were so nice!!!

Oh oh and another thing that happened this morning, we gave up seats for a couple of elderly on our way to Iriuda, I mean, it's a totally natural kind of thing considering how we can get stomp-ed if we hog the seats in Singapore..... So we weren't expecting anything in return from the few sweet earthlings. But the lady actually gave us 4 buns from the store they bought at Hakone-Yumoto just to thank us! Omg, I swear Japanese are really nice and polite people. Everyone is so helpful everywhere!

Ah, as I was saying... We were starving and freezing in the middle of nowhere at Fujikyu Highland, it was HORRIBLE. Then nice lady saved us and drove us to the hotel, and we managed to change our bus timing at the Highway bus center before it close(8PM), and we also managed to grab dinner at our hotel(Reservation at 8PM as well). We would probably end up stranded in the middle of nowhere if this is back home......... But then again, how can you ever get lost in Singapore?

So our bus for tomorrow had been pushed back to 4PM! Woohoooo! We no longer need to leave at the original time, 11:20AM!! Means, we have time to visit OWAKUDANIIIII! And I can try my black egggggs!!!! 8D

Headed up to our rooms, dumped our luggages, head down for dindinz.

Dinner was the same for me. Kaiseki style dinner and beef steak for Ryan!

And Ryan's.......

That smokingly delicious beef....... Ohmygod.
But we have to pay 1,050JPY on top of our original Japanese dining coupon for those juicy beef slices ah. Worth it though. (Y)

Then we headed over to the bowling alley for a short round of bowling. I couldn't because I stupidly broke my nail on the plane yesterday, -_- So I watched Ryan play, hahahaha. Then it's bed time back to the rooms. Had yet another ultra long day today, and I suspect we will end up having yet another ultra long long day tomorrow.

We had just planned our routes out to head back to Hakone tomorrow morning, just to visit Owakudani. That's another 2 ~ 3 hours ride! Quite a stupid itinerary, BUT HOW CAN WE MISS THAT WHEN WE ARE ALREADY HERE!!! So we're gonna get up early and grab the first bus over, HEHEHE.

Can't wait to try the kuro tamago tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how it taste like okay.
xD Good night!


All photos taken on Casio Exilim EX-10.

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