by - Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've finally cleared 3 submissions! Hurray!! But I still have a really huge assessment coming up this coming Thursday. There's so much to do, and I have so little time.... I honestly don't know how long more can I go on with this kind of lifestyle. It's seriously no life.

I sleep at the most 2 hours everyday, then I'll wake up to my work again... Then l do it for the whole damned day until its 4/5AM, then I'd go back to sleep. I literally spend about 20 hours a day in rushing my work.

Oh well, who else can I blame but myself? That's what I get for poor time management. :(

But its okay! Things will end soon enough! Then it'll be my 1 month holiday! Yaaaahoooo!

Time to plan a getaway. Ain't gonna stay in Singapore and do nothing! Or maybe I'll start learning how to playing the ukulele! Clint got me one last week, and I've been too busy to even touch it, :(

My new addiction! 旺旺 milk candy from Taiwan!! So addictive I robbed the whole packet from my friend, ♡

I'm gonna go on a hiatus real soon, to clear my head and have umpteen rest. Sorry if I don't update often! But I would whenever I'm free alright?


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