Debarred, yet again.

by - Sunday, February 19, 2012


Havent been blogging. Was too busy with school and FYP and stuffs. So I got debarred again, and was asked to attend school from 9AM ~ 6PM every Mon - Fri. Yes, it's a definite killer for a lazy bum like me. And how lazy can I get? I tend to go straight to bed with just a towel on and nua for about another hour before I actually prepare to get out of my house. Sometimes, I get so lazy that I'll just sleep in for the day. Yes, with just a towel on. That's how lazy I can get.

So you can kind of expect what kind of mood I bring to school everyday. Slogging my life out just to make sure I can graduate with a decent GPA and advance to poly. Well, it's the last lap. I hope I can actually survive this last month in school. And everybody's having holiday now, Me so jelly.

And how's work? Not exactly good. Sometimes you'd just wish you could disappear from Earth after saying some goddamn embarrassing stuffs and then people start mocking you and making fun of you. Creating tales here and there but, this is life isn't it? I can't just quit my job because suckers are saying shit. But of course, I don't feel good having my feelings cheated either.

But life is still over all good for me. At least I'm not having troubles over cash flow now, hahaha. I have enough to feed myself and I feel more alive doing so much stuffs. At least I know I'm spending my time well and not just sleeping my days away.

Alright, gonna stop here for now. Promise I'll blog soon, ♡

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